A Language for Biochemical Systems

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A Language for Biochemical Systems
Abstract. CBS is a Calculus of Biochemical Systems intended to allow the modelling of metabolic, signalling and regulatory networks in a natural and modular manner. In this paper we extend CBS with features directed towards practical, large-scale applications, thus yielding LBS: a Language for Biochemical Systems. The two main extensions are expressions for modifying large complexes in a step-wise manner and parameterised modules with a notion of subtyping; LBS also has nested declarations of species and compartments. The extensions are demonstrated with examples from the yeast pheromone pathway. A formal specificaLBS is then given through an abstract syntax, static semantics and a translation to a variant of coloured Petri nets. Translation to other formalisms such as ordinary differential equations and continuous time Markov chains is also possible.
Michael Pedersen, Gordon D. Plotkin
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where CMSB
Authors Michael Pedersen, Gordon D. Plotkin
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