On the Large Deviations of Resequencing Queue Size: 2-M/M/1 Case

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On the Large Deviations of Resequencing Queue Size: 2-M/M/1 Case
Abstract--In data communication networks, packets that arrive at the receiving host may be disordered for reasons such as retransmission of dropped packets or multi-path routing. Reliable protocols such as TCP require packets to be accepted, i.e., delivered to the receiving application, in the order they are transmitted at the sender. In order to do so, the receiver's transport layer is responsible to temporarily buffer out-of-order packets and to resequence them as more packets arrive. In this paper, we analyze a model where the disordering is caused by multi-path routing. Packets are generated according to a Poisson process. Then, they arrive at a disordering network modelled by two parallel M/M/1 queues, and are routed to each of the queues according to an independent Bernoulli process. A resequencing buffer follows the disordering network. In such a model, the packet resequencing delay is known. However, the size of the resequencing queue is unknown. We derive the probability ...
Ye Xia, David N. C. Tse
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Type Journal
Year 2008
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Authors Ye Xia, David N. C. Tse
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