Large-scale video retrieval via semantic classification

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Large-scale video retrieval via semantic classification
ons for this project. Most recent ones are listed at the end of this abstract. In the future, feature selection will be integrated in the multi-class EM algorithm to improve the performance of semantic video understanding. A better knowledge extraction algorithm will be implemented by integrating the provider behavior model with a user behavior model. A seamless hierarchical browsing visualization interface will be used to enable users to explore the database with different level of details and over any time range. • H. Luo, J. Fan, S. Satoh, and W. Ribarsky. “Large scale news video database browsing and retrieval via information visualization”. (accepted) In ACM SAC. Seoul, Korea, 2007. • J. Fan, H. Luo, Y. Gao, and R. Jain. “Incorporating concept ontology to boost hierarchical classifier training for automatic multi-level video annotation”. (accepted) IEEE Trans. on Multimedia, 2007. • H. Luo, J. Fan, Jin Yang, W. Ribarsky, and S. Satoh. “Exploring large-scale video n...
Hangzai Luo, Jianping Fan
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Year 2006
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Authors Hangzai Luo, Jianping Fan
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