Layout Metrics for Euler Diagrams

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Layout Metrics for Euler Diagrams
An alternative term for these diagrams is “Euler-Venn diagrams” but they are often inaccurately called “Venn diagrams”. Venn diagrams often look similar, but must contain all possible intersections of contours. In contrast, Euler diagrams contain any desired combination of intersections between the contours. Visualizations of Venn diagrams are often created by taking advantage of the symmetries present in a Venn structure [12]. We present an aesthetics based method for drawing Euler diagrams. Aesthetic layout metrics have been found to be useful in graph drawing algorithms, which use metrics motivated by aesthetic principles that aid user understanding of diagrams. We have taken a similar approach to Euler diagram drawing, and have defined a set of suitable metrics to be used within a hill climbing multicriteria optimiser to produce “good” drawings. There are added difficulties when drawing Euler diagrams as they are made up of contours and the structural properties of inte...
Jean Flower, Peter Rodgers, Paul Mutton
Added 04 Jul 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where IV
Authors Jean Flower, Peter Rodgers, Paul Mutton
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