Lazy Query Evaluation for Active XML

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Lazy Query Evaluation for Active XML
In this paper, we study query evaluation on Active XML documents (AXML for short), a new generation of XML documents that has recently gained popularity. AXML documents are XML documents whose content is given partly extensionally, by explicit data elements, and partly intensionally, by embedded calls to Web services, which can be invoked to generate data. A major challenge in the efficient evaluation of queries over such documents is to detect which calls may bring data that is relevant for the query execution, and to avoid the materialization of irrelevant information. The problem is intricate, as service calls may be embedded anywhere in the document, and service invocations possibly return data containing calls to new services. Hence, the detection of relevant calls becomes a continuous process. Also, a good analysis must take the service signatures into consideration. We formalize the problem, and provide algorithms to solve it. We also present an implementation that is compliant...
Serge Abiteboul, Omar Benjelloun, Bogdan Cautis, I
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Serge Abiteboul, Omar Benjelloun, Bogdan Cautis, Ioana Manolescu, Tova Milo, Nicoleta Preda
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