LBS and GIS Technology Combination and Applications

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LBS and GIS Technology Combination and Applications
Location Based Services (LBSs) provide personalized services to the subscribers based on their current position using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Geographic Information System (GIS) and Wireless Communication (WC) technologies. LBS offers modern world the tool for efficient management and continuous control. More and more people involve LBS in their industry and day to day life to better achieve their goals. The increasing demand for commercial LBS has driven scientists to focus on more accurate positioning solutions. It employs accurate, real-time positioning to connect users to points of interest and advises them of the current conditions such as traffic and weather conditions, or provides routing and tracking information using wireless devices. It is important to integrate the mobile computing technology and the GIS technology in order to meet the needs of LBS, which is considered one of the most promising applications of GIS. The location of the caller could be dete...
Balqies Sadoun, Omar Al-Bayari
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Year 2007
Authors Balqies Sadoun, Omar Al-Bayari
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