Leakage Biased Sleep Switch Domino Logic

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Leakage Biased Sleep Switch Domino Logic
- A low overhead circuit technique is proposed in this paper for simultaneously reducing subthreshold and gate oxide leakage currents in domino logic circuits. PMOS sleep transistors and a dual threshold voltage CMOS technology are utilized to place an idle domino logic circuit into a low leakage state. A sleep transistor added to the dynamic node strongly turns off all of the high threshold voltage transistors. Similarly, a sleep switch added to the output inverter exploits the initially high subthreshold and gate-oxide leakage currents for placing a circuit into an ultimately low leakage state. The proposed circuit technique lowers the total leakage power by 56.1% to 97.6% as compared to standard dual threshold voltage domino logic circuits. Similarly, a 4.6% to 50.6% reduction in total leakage power is observed as compared to a previously published sleep switch scheme in a 45nm CMOS technology.
Zhiyu Liu, Volkan Kursun
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Updated 12 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Zhiyu Liu, Volkan Kursun
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