Learning to Generate CGs from Domain Specific Sentences

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Learning to Generate CGs from Domain Specific Sentences
Automatically generating Conceptual Graphs (CGs) [1] from natural language sentences is a difficult task in using CG as a semantic (knowledge) representation language for natural language information source. However, up to now only few approaches have been proposed for this task and most of them either are highly dependent on one domain or use many manually constructed generation rules. In this paper, we propose a machine-learning based approach that can be trained for different domains and requires almost no manual rules. We adopt a unique grammar system –Link Grammar [2] –for this purpose. The link structures of the grammar are more similar to conceptual graphs than traditional parse trees. Based on the link structure, through the wordconceptualization, concept-folding, link-folding and relationalization processes, we can train the system to generate conceptual graphs from domain specific sentences. An implementation system is currently under development with IBM China Research L...
Lei Zhang, Yong Yu
Added 29 Jul 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Where ICCS
Authors Lei Zhang, Yong Yu
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