Learning information intent via observation

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Learning information intent via observation
Workers in organizations frequently request help from assistants by sending request messages that express information intent: an intention to update data in an information system. Human assistants spend a significant amount of time and effort processing these requests. For example, human-resource assistants process requests to update personnel records, and executive assistants process requests to schedule conference rooms or to make travel reservations. To process the intent of a request, an assistant reads the request and then locates, completes, and submits a form that corresponds to the expressed intent. Automatically or semiautomatically processing the intent expressed in a request on behalf of an assistant would ease the mundane and repetitive nature of this kind of work. For a well-understood domain, a straightforward application of natural-language-processing techniques can be used to build an intelligent form interface to semi-automatically process information-intent request m...
Anthony Tomasic, Isaac Simmons, John Zimmerman
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Year 2007
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Authors Anthony Tomasic, Isaac Simmons, John Zimmerman
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