Learning of Partial Languages

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Learning of Partial Languages
In this paper we introduce a finite automaton called partial finite automaton to recognize partial languages. We have defined three classes of partial languages, viz., local partial languages, regular partial languages and partial line languages. We present an algorithm for learning local partial languages in the limit from positive data. The time taken for the algorithm to identify the regular partial languages is O(l) where l is the length of a sample from positive data. Further, we have shown that the class of regular partial languages is learnable in the limit from positive data and restricted subset queries. We provide another learning algorithm to infer partial line languages. Keywords : Partial words, partial finite automaton, partial languages, identification in the limit, learning algorithm.
K. Sasikala, V. Rajkumar Dare, D. G. Thomas
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Where ENGL
Authors K. Sasikala, V. Rajkumar Dare, D. G. Thomas
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