Learning Real-Time MRF Inference for Image Denoising

11 years 29 days ago
Learning Real-Time MRF Inference for Image Denoising
Many computer vision problems can be formulated in a Bayesian framework with Markov Random Field (MRF) or Conditional Random Field (CRF) priors. Usually, the model assumes that a full Maximum A Posteriori (MAP) estimation will be performed for inference, which can be really slow in practice. In this paper, we argue that through appropriate training, a MRF/CRF model can be trained to perform very well on a suboptimal inference algorithm. The model is trained together with a fast inference algorithm through an optimization of a loss function on a training set containing pairs of input images and desired outputs. A validation set can be used in this approach to estimate the generalization performance of the trained system. We apply the proposed method to an image denoising application, training a Fields of Experts MRF together with a 1-4 iteration gradient descent inference algorithm. Experimental validation on unseen data shows that the proposed training approach obtains...
Adrian Barbu (Florida State University)
Added 09 May 2009
Updated 10 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where CVPR
Authors Adrian Barbu (Florida State University)
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