Learning with the Set Covering Machine

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Learning with the Set Covering Machine
We generalize the classical algorithms of Valiant and Haussler for learning conjunctions and disjunctions of Boolean attributes to the problem of learning these functions over arbitrary sets of features; including features that are constructed from the data. The result is a general-purpose learning machine, suitable for practical learning tasks, that we call the Set Covering Machine. We present a version of the Set Covering Machine that uses generalized balls for its set of data-dependent features and compare its performance to the famous Support Vector Machine. By extending a technique pioneered by Littlestone and Warmuth, we bound its generalization error as function of the amount of data compression it achieves during training.
Mario Marchand, John Shawe-Taylor
Added 17 Nov 2009
Updated 17 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2001
Where ICML
Authors Mario Marchand, John Shawe-Taylor
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