Learning Stochastic Perceptrons Under k-Blocking Distributions

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Learning Stochastic Perceptrons Under k-Blocking Distributions
We present a statistical method that PAC learns the class of stochastic perceptrons with arbitrary monotonic activation function and weights wi {-1, 0, +1} when the probability distribution that generates the input examples is member of a family that we call k-blocking distributions. Such distributions represent an important step beyond the case where each input variable is statistically independent since the 2k-blocking family contains all the Markov distributions of order k. By stochastic perceptron we mean a perceptron which, upon presentation of input vector x, outputs 1 with probability f( i wixi - ). Because the same algorithm works for any monotonic (nondecreasing or nonincreasing) activation function f on Boolean domain, it handles the well studied cases of sigmo
Mario Marchand, Saeed Hadjifaradji
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Updated 02 Nov 2010
Type Conference
Year 1994
Where NIPS
Authors Mario Marchand, Saeed Hadjifaradji
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