Learning the Topology of Object Views

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Learning the Topology of Object Views
A visual representation of an object must meet at least three basic requirements. First, it must allow identification of the object in the presence of slight but unpredictable changes in its visual appearance. Second, it must account for larger changes in appearance due to variations in the object's fundamental degrees of freedom, such as, e.g., changes in pose. And last, any object representation must be derivable from visual input alone, i.e., it must be learnable. We here construct such a representation by deriving transformations between the different views of a given object, so that they can be parameterized in terms of the object's physical degrees of freedom. Our method allows to automatically derive the appearance representations of an object in conjunction with their linear deformation model from example images. These are subsequently used to provide linear charts to the entire appearance manifold of a three-dimensional object. In contrast to approaches aiming at mer...
Christoph von der Malsburg, Jan Wieghardt, Rolf P.
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Type Conference
Year 2002
Where ECCV
Authors Christoph von der Malsburg, Jan Wieghardt, Rolf P. Würtz
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