Learning Wormholes for Sparsely Labelled Clustering

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Learning Wormholes for Sparsely Labelled Clustering
Distance functions are an important component in many learning applications. However, the correct function is context dependent, therefore it is advantageous to learn a distance function using available training data. Many existing distance functions is the requirement for data to exist in a space of constant dimensionality and not possible to be directly used on symbolic data. To address these problems, this paper introduces an alternative learnable distance function, based on multi-kernel distance bases or "wormholes that connects spaces belonging to similar examples that were originally far away close together. This work only assumes the availability of a set data in the form of relative comparisons, avoiding the need for having labelled or quantitative information. To learn the distance function, two algorithms were proposed: 1) Building a set of basic wormhole bases using a Boosting-inspired algorithm. 2) Merging different distance bases together for better generalisation. T...
Eng-Jon Ong, Richard Bowden
Added 09 Nov 2009
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where ICPR
Authors Eng-Jon Ong, Richard Bowden
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