Leveraging Relational Autocorrelation with Latent Group Models

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Leveraging Relational Autocorrelation with Latent Group Models
The presence of autocorrelation provides a strong motivation for using relational learning and inference techniques. Autocorrelation is a statistical dependence between the values of the same variable on related entities and is a nearly ubiquitous characteristic of relational data sets. Recent research has explored the use of collective inference techniques to exploit this phenomenon. These techniques achieve significant performance gains by modeling observed correlations among class labels of related instances, but the models fail to capture a frequent cause of autocorrelation—the presence of underlying groups that influence the attributes on a set of entities. We propose a latent group model (LGM) for relational data, which discovers and exploits the hidden structures responsible for the observed autocorrelation among class labels. Modeling the latent group structure improves model performance, increases inference efficiency, and enhances our understanding of the datasets. We e...
Jennifer Neville, David Jensen
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where ICDM
Authors Jennifer Neville, David Jensen
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