Light Field Appearance Manifolds

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Light Field Appearance Manifolds
Abstract. Statistical shape and texture appearance models are powerful image representations, but previously had been restricted to 2D or 3D shapes with smooth surfaces and lambertian reflectance. In this paper we present a novel 3D appearance model using image-based rendering techniques, which can represent complex lighting conditions, structures, and surfaces. We construct a light field manifold capturing the multi-view appearance of an object class and extend the direct search algorithm of Cootes and Taylor to match new light fields or 2D images of an object to a point on this manifold. When matching to a 2D image the reconstructed light field can be used to render unseen views of the object. Our technique differs from previous view-based active appearance models in that model coefficients between views are explicitly linked, and that we do not model any pose variation within the shape model at a single view. It overcomes the limitations of polygonal based appearance models and uses...
Chris Mario Christoudias, Louis-Philippe Morency,
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where ECCV
Authors Chris Mario Christoudias, Louis-Philippe Morency, Trevor Darrell
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