Lightweight fusion by fixed point promotion

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Lightweight fusion by fixed point promotion
This paper proposes a lightweight fusion method for general recursive function definitions. Compared with existing proposals, our method has several significant practical features: it works for general recursive functions on general algebraic data types; it does not produce extra runtime overhead (except for possible code size increase due to the success of fusion); and it is readily incorporated in standard inlining optimization. This is achieved by extending the ordinary inlining process with a new fusion law that transforms a term of the form f (fix g.x.E) to a new fixed point term fix h.x.E by promoting the function f through the fixed point operator. This is a sound syntactic transformation rule that is not sensitive to the types of f and g. This property makes our method applicable to wide range of functions including those with multi-parameters in both curried and uncurried forms. Although this method does not guarantee any form of completeness, it fuses typical examples discu...
Atsushi Ohori, Isao Sasano
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Updated 03 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where POPL
Authors Atsushi Ohori, Isao Sasano
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