Lightweight time synchronization for sensor networks

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Lightweight time synchronization for sensor networks
This paper presents lightweight tree-based synchronization (LTS) methods for sensor networks. First, a single-hop, pair-wise synchronization scheme is analyzed. This scheme requires the exchange of only three messages and has Gaussian error properties. The single-hop approach is extended to a centralized multi-hop synchronization method. Multi-hop synchronization consists of pair-wise synchronizations performed along the edges of a spanning tree. Multi-hop synchronization requires only n-1 pair-wise synchronizations for a network of n nodes. In addition, we show that the communication complexity and accuracy of multi-hop synchronization is a function of the construction and depth of the spanning tree; several spanning-tree construction algorithms are described. Further, the required refresh rate of multi-hop synchronization is shown as a function of clock drift and the accuracy of single-hop synchronization. Finally, a distributed multi-hop synchronization is presented where nodes kee...
Jana van Greunen, Jan M. Rabaey
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where WSNA
Authors Jana van Greunen, Jan M. Rabaey
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