On-Line Execution of cc-Golog Plans

11 years 9 months ago
On-Line Execution of cc-Golog Plans
Previously, the plan language cc-Golog was introduced for the purpose of specifying event-driven behavior typically found in robot controllers. So far, however, cc-Golog is usable only for projecting the outcome of a plan and it is unclear how to actually execute plans on-line on a robot. In this paper, we provide such an execution model for ccGolog and, in addition, show how to interleave execution with a new kind of time-bounded projection. Along the way we also demonstrate how a typical robot control architecture where a high-level controller communicates with low-level processes via messages can be directly modelled in cc-Golog.
Henrik Grosskreutz, Gerhard Lakemeyer
Added 31 Oct 2010
Updated 31 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Henrik Grosskreutz, Gerhard Lakemeyer
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