On-Line Multi-Threaded Paging

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On-Line Multi-Threaded Paging
In this paper we introduce a generalization of Paging to the case where there are many threads of requests. This models situations in which the requests come from more than one independent source. Hence, apart from deciding how to serve a request, at each stage it is necessary to decide which request to serve among several possibilities. Four different on-line problems arise depending on whether we consider fairness restrictions or not, with finite or infinite input sequences. We study all of them, proving lower and upper bounds for the competitiveness of on-line algorithms. The main competitiveness results presented in this paper state that when no fairness restrictions are imposed it is possible to obtain competitive algorithms for finite and infinite inputs. On the other hand, for the fair case in general there exist no competitive algorithms. In addition, we consider three definitions of competitiveness for infinite inputs. One of them forces algorithms to behave efficiently at eve...
Esteban Feuerstein, Alejandro Strejilevich de Loma
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Type Journal
Year 2002
Authors Esteban Feuerstein, Alejandro Strejilevich de Loma
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