Linear Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round PRESENT

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Linear Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round PRESENT
Abstract. PRESENT is a hardware-oriented block cipher suitable for resource constrained environment. In this paper we analyze PRESENT by the multidimensional linear cryptanalysis method. We claim that our attack can recover the 80-bit secret key of PRESENT up to 25 rounds out of 31 rounds with around 262.4 data complexity. Furthermore, we showed that the 26-round version of PRESENT can be attacked faster than key exhaustive search with the 264 data complexity by an advanced key search technique. Our results are superior to all the previous attacks. We demonstrate our result by performing the linear attacks on reduced variants of PRESENT. Our results exemplify that the performance of the multidimensional linear attack is superior compared to the classical linear attack. Keywords : Block Ciphers, Lightweight Cryptography, PRESENT, Multidimensional Linear Cryptanalysis.
Joo Yeon Cho
Added 18 May 2010
Updated 18 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Authors Joo Yeon Cho
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