Lipschitz Robustness of Timed I/O Systems

3 years 8 days ago
Lipschitz Robustness of Timed I/O Systems
We present the first study of robustness of systems that are both timed as well as reactive (I/O). We study the behavior of such timed I/O systems in the presence of uncertain inputs and formalize their robustness using the analytic notion of Lipschitz continuity: a timed I/O system is K-(Lipschitz) robust if the perturbation in its output is at most K times the perturbation in its input. We quantify input and output perturbation using similarity functions over timed words such as the timed version of the Manhattan distance and the Skorokhod distance. We consider two models of timed I/O systems — timed transducers and asynchronous sequential circuits. We show that K-robustness of timed transducers can be decided in polynomial space under certain conditions. For asynchronous sequential circuits, we reduce K-robustness w.r.t. timed Manhattan distances to K-robustness of discrete letter-toletter transducers and show PSpace-completeness of the problem.
Thomas A. Henzinger, Jan Otop, Roopsha Samanta
Added 11 Apr 2016
Updated 11 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2016
Authors Thomas A. Henzinger, Jan Otop, Roopsha Samanta
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