Live-Representation Process Management

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Live-Representation Process Management
Abstract: We present the live-representation approach for managing and working in complex, dynamic business processes. In this approach, aspects of business-process modeling, project planning, project management, resource scheduling, and process automation, execution, and reporting are integrated into an on-line representation of planned and executing processes. This representation provides a real-time view of past, present, and anticipated process activities and resourcing. Changes in the process are immediately reflected in the live representation, so that, at any point in time, the latest information about process status and downstream expectations is available. Managers can directly manipulate the live representation to change process structure and execution. These changes are then quickly propagated throughout the environment, keeping managers and process participants in sync with process changes. In this paper, we describe the technical and humanistic issues associated with the ...
Daniel D. Corkill, Zachary B. Rubinstein, Susan E.
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Daniel D. Corkill, Zachary B. Rubinstein, Susan E. Lander, Victor R. Lesser
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