Living interfaces: the intimate door lock

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Living interfaces: the intimate door lock
In this paper we introduce a new way to interact intimately with an automated system. The Intimate Door Lock investigates the psychological effects of intimate humanhuman interaction being applied to man-machine interfaces. The door lock, in our prototype, is installed at the inside of a domestic front door, and remains locked until given a kiss by its owner. In our prototype, the element to be kissed is a camera-augmented mirror, which we intended to use as a means of lowering the inhibition level. This work is part of a larger series of experiments in the Living Interfaces project, exploring ways in which reduced life-like movements can be beneficial for Human-Machine Interaction. Keywords Human-Machine-Interaction, Interface Design, Intimate Interaction, Emotional Design, Kiss, Mirror CONCEPT DESCRIPTION In order to create more intuitive access to the increasingly complex technologies we regularly encounter, natural and emotional approaches of interactivity, which may simply resemb...
Miriam Roy, Fabian Hemmert, Reto Wettach
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Updated 19 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where TEI
Authors Miriam Roy, Fabian Hemmert, Reto Wettach
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