Load Balancing in Multi ECU Configuration

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Load Balancing in Multi ECU Configuration
—Electronic Control Units (ECUs) are nowadays employed in automotives for discharging various functionalities within the vehicle. It has become the fundamental building block of any automotive subsystem and is interfaced with electro mechanical counterparts. To meet the system wide requirements, these ECUs are interconnected using the communication infrastructure. Although the communication infrastructure in terms of, predominantly, the CAN based vehicle network took its birth to enable ECUs to work in a coordinated manner, this infrastructure was also viewed as a potential means to incorporate extensibility in terms of addition of newer ECUs which are built for implementing additional requirements. With this paradigm, the number of ECUs started growing in a steep manner, uncontrolled. Today, high segment automotives have ECUs as large as 75-80, connected by multiple communication buses and running millions of lines of software. In order to distribute load equally among these enormou...
Rajeshwari Hegde, K. S. Gurumurthy
Added 18 May 2010
Updated 18 May 2010
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Year 2009
Authors Rajeshwari Hegde, K. S. Gurumurthy
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