From Local Search to Global Behavior: Ad Hoc Network Example

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From Local Search to Global Behavior: Ad Hoc Network Example
We introduce the Consensual N-Player Prisoner’s Dilemma as a large-scale dilemma. We then present a framework for cooperative consensus formation in large-scale MAS under the N-Person Prisoner’s Dilemma. Forming consensus is performed by demonstrating the applicability of a low-complexity physics-oriented approach to a large-scale ad hoc network problem. The framework is based on modeling cooperative MAS by a physics percolation theory. According to the model, agent-systems inherit physical properties, and therefore the evolution of the computational systems is similar to the evolution of physical systems. Specifically, we focus on the percolation theory, the emergence of self-organized criticality, and the exploitation of phase transitions. We provide a detailed low-ordered algorithm to be used by a single agent and implement this algorithm in our simulations. Via these approaches we demonstrate effective message delivery in a large-scale ad hoc network that consists of thousand...
Osher Yadgar
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Type Conference
Year 2007
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Authors Osher Yadgar
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