Locating cache proxies in manets

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Locating cache proxies in manets
Caching Internet based services is a potentially important application for MANETs, as it can improve mobile users' perceived quality of service, reduce their energy consumption, and lower their air-time costs. This paper considers the problem of locating cache proxies in MANETs using several search techniques. The paper first examines several existing and a few novel search techniques including flooding, constrained flooding, a novel dynamic variation of probabilistic flooding, and BFS. These are superimposed on a Maximal Independent Set (MIS), a Connected Dominating Set (DS), and a novel adaptation of BFS-tree based overlays, where each of these overlays is maintained in a self stabilizing manner. The paper also includes a comparison of the performance of these search techniques and overlays by extensive simulations.
Roy Friedman, Maria Gradinariu, Gwendal Simon
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Roy Friedman, Maria Gradinariu, Gwendal Simon
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