A logical reconstruction of SPKI

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A logical reconstruction of SPKI
SPKI/SDSI is a proposed public key infrastructure standard that incorporates the SDSI public key infrastructure. SDSI's key innovation was the use of local names. We previously introduced a Logic of Local Name Containment that has a clear semantics and was shown to completely characterize SDSI name resolution. Here we show how our earlier approach can be extended to deal with a number of key features of SPKI, including revocation, expiry dates, and tuple reduction. We show that these extensions add relatively little complexity to the logic. In particular, we do not need a nonmonotonic logic to capture revocation. We then use our semantics to examine SPKI's tuple reduction rules. Our analysis highlights places where SPKI's informal description of tuple reduction is somewhat vague, and shows that extra reduction rules are necessary in order to capture general information about binding and authorization. A preliminary version of this appeared in the Proceedings of the 14t...
Joseph Y. Halpern, Ron van der Meyden
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Type Journal
Year 2002
Where CORR
Authors Joseph Y. Halpern, Ron van der Meyden
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