Logics of Dynamical Systems

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Logics of Dynamical Systems
—We study the logic of dynamical systems, that is, logics and proof principles for properties of dynamical systems. Dynamical systems are mathematical models describing how the state of a system evolves over time. They are important in modeling and understanding many applications, including embedded systems and cyber-physical systems. In discrete dynamical systems, the state evolves in discrete steps, one step at a time, as described by a difference equation or discrete state transition relation. In continuous dynamical systems, the state evolves continuously along a function, typically described by a differential equation. Hybrid dynamical systems or hybrid systems combine both discrete and continuous dynamics. This is a brief survey of differential dynamic logic for specifying and verifying properties of hybrid systems. We explain hybrid system models, differential dynamic logic, its semantics, and its axiomatization for proving logical formulas about hybrid systems. We study diffe...
André Platzer
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Year 2012
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