Low Complexity Algorithms for Linear Recurrences

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Low Complexity Algorithms for Linear Recurrences
We consider two kinds of problems: the computation of polynomial and rational solutions of linear recurrences with coefficients that are polynomials with integer coefficients; indefinite and definite summation of sequences that are hypergeometric over the rational numbers. The algorithms for these tasks all involve as an intermediate quantity an integer N (dispersion or root of an indicial polynomial) that is potentially exponential in the bit size of their input. Previous algorithms have a bit complexity that is at least quadratic in N. We revisit them and propose variants that exploit the structure of solutions and avoid expanding polynomials of degree N. We give two algorithms: a probabilistic one that detects the existence or absence of nonzero polynomial and rational solutions in O( N log2 N) bit operations; a deterministic one that computes a compact representation of the solution in O(N log3 N) bit operations. Similar speedups are obtained in indefinite and definite hypergeome...
Alin Bostan, Frédéric Chyzak, Bruno
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Where CORR
Authors Alin Bostan, Frédéric Chyzak, Bruno Salvy, Thomas Cluzeau
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