Low Frequency Towed Active Sonar (LFTAS) in Multistatic Applications

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Low Frequency Towed Active Sonar (LFTAS) in Multistatic Applications
: The performance potential of multistatic sonar operations has been investigated by several research institutes and proven in numerous international sea trials during the last years. The characteristics of multistatic sonar operation are the use of one or more spatially separated transmitters and receivers, the exchange of the contact or track information as well as the appropriate combination of all available data in order to optimize the detection performance. In this context, the Low Frequency Towed Active Sonar (LFTAS) from ATLAS Elektronik is described, which is well suitable for multistatic operations because of its high detection ranges. Multistatic scenarios may be realised in numerous variations, e.g. two or more LFTAS-systems may work together or a submarine sonar system may act as an additional receiver. Multistatic operation provides some well known advantages like enlarged detection areas and increased probability of detection. Submerged operating submarines even can use ...
Stephan Benen
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