LWSDM: Layered Web Service Discovery Mechanism

8 years 7 months ago
LWSDM: Layered Web Service Discovery Mechanism
The boom of Service oriented architecture is on substantial rise. SOA developers orchestrate individual SOA objects into web services. It has been a dream of software engineers to promote and innovate the concept of software reusability. Providing and using services dynamically over web is increasingly becoming times demand towards promoting software reuse in real sense. Probably the most important aspect in dynamic web service access is the web service discovery. Many approaches and frameworks have been proposed to discover web services. Some of the approaches assume that the requests are placed in SOAP compatible formats whereas some works are based on handling the plain text queries by their semantics while others focus on key word based query processing. The challenge remains to address the issue of handling request queries and presenting a set of suitable services to the service requester. We use the principle of compositionality to analyze and parse the request query. We have us...
Shrabani Mallick, D. S. Kushwaha
Added 28 Feb 2011
Updated 28 Feb 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where AISS
Authors Shrabani Mallick, D. S. Kushwaha
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