Machine Learning in Infrastructure Security

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Machine Learning in Infrastructure Security
Abstract: Democratic societies throughout the world, it appears, are facing a new type of threat dubbed "asymmetric threat." In this new threat environment the world governments are faced with a number of low-intensity conflicts characterized by less discriminate attacks on civilian populations, infrastructures and the like. For the purposes of this paper, an asymmetric war is defined as an environment in which a government is faced with a faceless and stateless enemy. Even states can hide behind the façade of a stateless terrorist group and conduct attacks. Contemporary cross-border terrorism is an example. The advent of Internet is a mixed blessing in this context. On one hand the Internet gives the terrorist organizations an opportunity to open a new front in the shape of cyber warfare. On the other hand the internet-based technologies can be used to fight back terrorism. In defense establishments, an often-suggested solution to this terrorism problem is to spin strands o...
V. Rao Vemuri
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Year 2003
Authors V. Rao Vemuri
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