Macro-Operators Revisited in Inductive Logic Programming

10 years 6 months ago
Macro-Operators Revisited in Inductive Logic Programming
For the last ten years a lot of work has been devoted to propositionalization techniques in relational learning. These techniques change the representation of relational problems to attribute-value problems in order to use well-known learning algorithms to solve them. Propositionalization approaches have been successively applied to various problems but are still considered as ad hoc techniques. In this paper, we study these techniques in the larger context of macro-operators as techniques to improve the heuristic search. The macro-operator paradigm enables us to propose a unified view of propositionalization and to discuss its current limitations. We show that a whole new class of approaches can be developed in relational learning which extends the idea of changes of representation to more suited learning languages. As a first step, we propose different languages that provide a better compromise than current propositionalization techniques between the building cost of macrooperator...
Érick Alphonse
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where ILP
Authors Érick Alphonse
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