Majority Ordering and the Morphological Pattern Spectrum

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Majority Ordering and the Morphological Pattern Spectrum
Binary and grayscale mathematical morphology have many applications in different area. On the other hand, colour morphology is not widespread. The reason is the lack of a unique ordering of colour that makes the extension of grayscale morphology to colour images not straightforward. We will introduce a new majority sorting scheme that can be applied on binary, grayscale and colour images. It is based on the area of each colour or grayscale present in the image, and has the advantage of being independent of the values of the colours or grayvalues. We will take a closer look at the morphological pattern spectrum and will show the possible differences of the morphological pattern spectrum on colour images with the grayscale image pattern spectrum.
Alessandro Ledda, Wilfried Philips
Added 26 Jun 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Alessandro Ledda, Wilfried Philips
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