Making CAPTCHAs clickable

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Making CAPTCHAs clickable
We show how to convert regular keyboard-entry CAPTCHAs into clickable CAPTCHAs. The goal of this conversion is to simplify and speed-up the entry of the CAPTCHA solution, to minimize user frustration and permit the use of CAPTCHAs on devices where they would otherwise be unsuitable. We propose a technique for producing secure clickable CAPTCHAs that are well suited for use on cell phones and other mobile devices. We support the practical viability of our approach by results from a user study, and an analysis of its security guarantees. Categories and Subject Descriptors K.6.5 [Computing Milieux]: Management of Computing and Information Systems—Security and Protection General Terms Security, Human Factors Keywords CAPTCHA, reverse Turing test, usability, mobile devices.
Richard Chow, Philippe Golle, Markus Jakobsson, Lu
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Updated 01 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Richard Chow, Philippe Golle, Markus Jakobsson, Lusha Wang, XiaoFeng Wang
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