Management of Updates in the Enhanced Client-Server DBMS

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Management of Updates in the Enhanced Client-Server DBMS
The Client Server DBMS model has emerged as the main paradigm in database computing. The Enhanced Client Server architecture takes advantage of all the available client resources including their disk managers. Clients can cache server data into their own disk units if data are part of their operational space. However, when updates occur at the server, some of the client data managers may need to not only be noti ed about them but also obtain portions of the updates as well. In this paper, we examine the problem of managing server imposed updates that affect client cached data. We propose a number of server update propagation techniques in the context of the Enhanced Client Server DBMS architecture and examine the performance of these strategies through detailed simulation experiments.
Alex Delis, Nick Roussopoulos
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Type Conference
Year 1994
Authors Alex Delis, Nick Roussopoulos
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