Managing Network Congestion with a Kohonen-Based RED Queue

9 years 4 months ago
Managing Network Congestion with a Kohonen-Based RED Queue
— The behaviour of the TCP AIMD algorithm is known to cause queue length oscillations when congestion occurs at a router output link. Indeed, due to these queueing variations, end-to-end applications experience large delay jitter. Many studies have proposed efficient Active Queue Management (AQM) mechanisms in order to reduce queue oscillations and stabilize the queue length. These AQM are mostly improvements of the Random Early Detection (RED) model. Unfortunately, these enhancements do not react in a similar manner for various network conditions and are strongly sensitive to their initial setting parameters. Although this paper proposes a solution to overcome the difficulties of setting these parameters by using a Kohonen neural network model, another goal of this study is to investigate whether cognitive intelligence could be placed in the core network to solve such stability problem. In our context, we use results from the neural network area to demonstrate that our proposal, n...
Emmanuel Lochin, Bruno Talavera
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where ICC
Authors Emmanuel Lochin, Bruno Talavera
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