Managing Structured Collections of Community Data

11 years 1 months ago
Managing Structured Collections of Community Data
Data management is becoming increasingly social. We observe a new form of information in such collaborative scenarios, where users contribute and reuse information, which resides neither in the base data nor in the schema information. This “superimposed structure” derives partly from interaction within the community, and partly from the recombination of existing data. We argue that this triad of data, schema, and higher-order structure requires new data ions that – at the same time – must efficiently scale to very large community databases. In addition, data generated by the community exposes four characteristics that make scalability especially difficult: (i) inconsistency, as different users or applications have or require partially overlapping and contradicting views; (ii) non-monotonicity, as new information may be able to revoke previous information already built upon; (iii) uncertainty, as both user intent and rankings are generally uncertain; and (iv) provenance, as con...
Wolfgang Gatterbauer, Dan Suciu
Added 25 Aug 2011
Updated 25 Aug 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where CIDR
Authors Wolfgang Gatterbauer, Dan Suciu
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