Managing Trust in a Peer-2-Peer Information System

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Managing Trust in a Peer-2-Peer Information System
Managing trust is a problem of particular importance in peer-to-peer environments where one frequently encounters unknown agents. Existing methods for trust management, that are based on reputation, focus on the semantic properties of the trust model. They do not scale as they either rely on a central database or require to maintain global knowledge at each agent to provide data on earlier interactions. In this paper we present an approach that addresses the problem of reputation-based trust management at both the data management and the semantic level. We employ at both levels scalable data structures and algorithms that require no central control and allow to assess trust by computing an agents reputation from its former interactions with other agents. Thus the method can be implemented in a peerto-peer environment and scales well for very large numbers of participants. We expect that scalable methods for trust management are an important factor, if fully decentralized peer-to-peer ...
Karl Aberer, Zoran Despotovic
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Where CIKM
Authors Karl Aberer, Zoran Despotovic
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