Mapping Motion Vectors For A Wyner-ziv Video Transcoder

13 years 19 days ago
Mapping Motion Vectors For A Wyner-ziv Video Transcoder
Wyner-Ziv (WZ) coding of video utilizes simple encoders and highly complex decoders. A transcoder from a WZ codec to a traditional codec can potentially increase the range of applications for WZ codecs. We present a transcoder scheme from the most popular WZ codec architecture to a DPCM/DCT codec. As a proof of concept, we implemented this transcoder using a simple pixel domain WZ codec and the standard H.263+. The transcoder design aims at reducing complexity, since the transcoder has to perform both WZ decoding and DPCM/DCT encoding, including motion estimation. New approaches are used to map motion vectors for such a transcoder. Results are presented to demonstrate the transcoder performance.
Added 10 Nov 2009
Updated 21 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where ICIP
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