MARS: Misbehavior Detection in Ad Hoc Networks

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MARS: Misbehavior Detection in Ad Hoc Networks
—To detect misbehavior on data and mitigate adverse effects, we propose and evaluate a MultipAth Routing Single path transmission (MARS) scheme. The MARS combines multipath routing, single path data transmission, and end-to-end feedback mechanism together to provide more comprehensive protection against misbehavior from individual or cooperating misbehaving nodes. The MARS scheme and its enhancement EMARS are evaluated by means of simulation under various adverse scenarios. The simulation results show that the MARS and E-MARS schemes provide better network performance and considerable protection to data transmission than some DSRbased transmission systems at the expense of moderate overhead. Compared to the DSR-based schemes, the proposed schemes deliver up to 45% more data with 20% misbehaving nodes under individual misbehavior, and up to 28% more data with 40% misbehaving nodes under colluded misbehavior.
Li Zhao, José G. Delgado-Frias
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Li Zhao, José G. Delgado-Frias
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