Massive multiplayer human computation for fun, money, and survival

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Massive multiplayer human computation for fun, money, and survival
Crowdsourcing is an effective tool to solve hard tasks. By bringing 100,000s of people to work on simple tasks that only humans can do, we can go far beyond traditional models of data analysis and machine learning. As technologies and processes mature, crowdsourcing is becoming mainstream. It powers many leading Internet companies and a wide variety of novel projects: from content moderation and business listing verification to real-time SMS translation for disaster response. However, quality assurance can be a major challenge. In this paper CrowdFlower presents various crowdsourcing applications, from business to ethics, to money and survival, all of which showcase the power of labor-on-demand, otherwise known as the human cloud. Author Keywords Crowdsourcing, quality, Mechanical Turk, democracy, data, labor, human ACM Classification Keywords H.5.2 Information Interfaces and Presentation: Miscellaneous-Crowdsourcing General Terms Design, Performance, Experimentation, Human Factors, P...
Lukas Biewald
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Year 2010
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