Matching independent global constraints for composite web services

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Matching independent global constraints for composite web services
Service discovery employs matching techniques to select services by comparing their descriptions against user constraints. Semantic-based matching approaches achieve higher recall than syntactic-based ones (as they employ ontological reasoning mechanisms to match syntactically heterogeneous descriptions). However, semantic-based approaches still have problems (e.g. lack of scalability as an exhaustive search is often performed to located services conforming to constraints). This paper proposes two approaches that deal with the problem of scalability/performance for composite service location. First, services are indexed based on the values they assign to their restricted attributes (the attributes restricted by a given constraint). Then, services that assign "conforming values" to those attributes are combined to form composite services. The first proposed approach extends a local optimisation technique to perform the latter, since identifying such values is NP-hard. However...
Nalaka Gooneratne, Zahir Tari
Added 21 Nov 2009
Updated 21 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where WWW
Authors Nalaka Gooneratne, Zahir Tari
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