Matching web site structure and content

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Matching web site structure and content
To keep an overview of a complex corporate web sites, it is crucial to understand the relationship of contents, structure and the user's behavior. In this paper, we describe an approach which is allowing us to compare web page content with the information implicitly defined by the structure of the web site. We start by describing each web page with a set of key words. We combine this information with the link structure in an algorithm generating a context based description. By comparing both descriptions, we draw conclusions about the semantic relationship of a web page and its neighborhood. In this way, we indicate whether a page fits in the content of its neighborhood. Doing this, we implicitly identify topics which span over several connected web pages. With our approach we support redesign processes by assessing the actual structure and content of a web site with designer's concepts. General Terms: Algorithms Categories and Subject Descriptors: H.3.3 Information Systems ...
Vassil Gedov, Carsten Stolz, Ralph Neuneier, Micha
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where WWW
Authors Vassil Gedov, Carsten Stolz, Ralph Neuneier, Michal Skubacz, Dietmar Seipel
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