Matchmaker: manifold BReps for non-manifold r-sets

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Matchmaker: manifold BReps for non-manifold r-sets
Many solid modeling construction techniques produce non-manifold r-sets (solids). With each non-manifold model N we can associate a family of manifold solid models that are infinitely close to N in the geometric sense. For polyhedral solids, each non-manifold edge of N with 2k incident faces will be replicated k times in any manifold model M of that family. Furthermore, some non-manifold vertices of N must also be replicated in M, possibly several times. M can be obtained by defining, in N, a single adjacent face TA(E,F) for each pair (E,F) that combines an edge E and an incident face F. The adjacency relation satisfies TA(E,TA(E,F))=F. The choice of the map A defines which vertices of N must be replicated in M and how many times. The resulting manifold representation of a non-manifold solid may be encoded using simpler and more compact data-structures, especially for triangulated model, and leads to simpler and more efficient algorithms, when it is used instead of a non-manifold repr...
Jarek Rossignac, David E. Cardoze
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Where SMA
Authors Jarek Rossignac, David E. Cardoze
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