Matchmaking, Datasets and Physics Analysis

12 years 5 months ago
Matchmaking, Datasets and Physics Analysis
Grid enabled physics analysis requires a Workload Management System (WMS) that takes care of finding suitable computing resources to execute data intensive jobs. A typical example is the WMS available in the LCG2 (also referred to as EGEE-0) software system, used by several scientific experiments. Like many other current Grid systems, LCG2 provides a file level granularity for accessing and analysing data. However, application scientists such as rgy Physicists often require a higher abstraction level for accessing data, i.e. they prefer to use datasets rather than files in their physics analysis. We have improved the current WMS (in particular the Matchmaker) to allow physicists to express their analysis job requirements in terms of datasets. This required modifications to the WMS and its interface to potential data catalogues. As a result, we propose a simple Data Location Interface that is based on a web service approach and allows for interoperability of the WMS with new datas...
Heinz Stockinger, Flavia Donno, Giulio Eulisse, Mi
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Heinz Stockinger, Flavia Donno, Giulio Eulisse, Mirco Mazzucato, Conrad Steenberg
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