Matchmaking for Structured Objects

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Matchmaking for Structured Objects
A fundamental task in multi-agent systems is matchmaking, which is to retrieve and classify service descriptions of agents that (best) match a given service request. Several approaches to matchmaking have been proposed so far, which involve computation of distances between service offers and service requests that are both provided as aggregates of the same set of attributes which have atomic values. In this paper, we consider the problem of matchmaking in the setting where both service offers and requests are described in a richer language, which has complex types built from basic types using constructors such as sets, lists, or record aggregation. We investigate methods for computing distance values of complex objects, based on a generic combination of distance values of the object components, as well as domain-dependent distance functions. The methods have been implemented in GRAPPA, the Generic Request Architecture for Passive Provider Agents, which is a framework for developing ope...
Thomas Eiter, Daniel Veit, Jörg P. Mülle
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Updated 28 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Thomas Eiter, Daniel Veit, Jörg P. Müller, Martin Schneider II
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