max-cut and Containment Relations in Graphs

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max-cut and Containment Relations in Graphs
book Author Title 58 Bijo S Anand Atoms and clique separators in graph products 59 Asir T Domination in total graph of a commutative ring 60 Sharada B On the Neighbourhood Subdivision Number of trees 61 Satya Bagchi Square designs on a family of new binary (pn−1 p−1 , pn−1 p−1 , 2pn−2) codes 62 Bhaswar Bhattacharya Holes or Empty Pseudo-Triangles in Planar Point Sets 63 P S Chandravel Necessary Conditions for Graceful Labeling of Connected Graphs 66 Ashwin Ganesan On some upper bounds on the fractional chromatic number of weighted graphs 67 Pravin Garg µc-Consistency of Semi-Total Signed Graphs 70 T. Govindan Hamilton Cycle Decomposition of Tensor Product of Graphs 71 Hemalatha Palanisamy Sk-Factorization of Complete Multipartite Symmetric Digraphs 72 Medha Itagi Huilgol Diameter-Vital Edges In a Graph 74 Nauzer Kalyaniwalla Compressing and Comparing Tree Structures 75 Marcin Kaminski Max-Cut and containment relations in graphs 76 Kavaskar T Some results on b-coloring of Kn...
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